Job Title
Finance Director - City of Seward
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City of Seward
Salary Range
$86,961-$121,745 DOE
Relocation Required
Employee Classification
Exempt; salary
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The position has a closing date.
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Brief Description
This is a highly responsible professional position that serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the City and performs complex work involving fiscal planning, internal audit controls, budgetary controls, and cost studies.
Primary Duties
• Supervises and maintains internal accounting and control activities throughout the City for purposes of obtaining financial information, controlling expenses, and maintaining required records.
• Plans for and implements the installation and development of an effective financial management and reporting system.
• Supervises the timely filing of intergovernmental financial and informational records as prescribed by federal law and Alaska statutes.
• Develops and recommends accounting policies and practices that will ascertain, maintain, and continually improve the City’s financial position.
• Assists in the creation of the annual City budget in accordance with the policy direction of the council.
• Directs the overall financial program to ensure the adequate protection of the City’s properties, funds and securities, and to assure protection from municipal exposure to liability; ensures the City is properly reimbursed when losses arise.
• Assists department heads in the preparation and administration of the annual budget; maintains a system of responsible control to ensure that expenditures do not exceed appropriations, in compliance with applicable Alaska statutes.
• Attends hearings on departmental budgets and other issues to provide data and determine recommended appropriations.
• Performs research and prepares fiscal impact reports and forecasts fiscal trends for recommendations of administrative and fiscal policy.
• Assists other departments in billing and collection functions, including calculation of bills, recording and deposit of receipts, and maintenance of customer accounts and related records.
• Issues approvals for contracts, vouchers, purchase orders and other financial transactions; confers with supervisors on events and non-routine transactions for the disbursement of funds.
• Examines and audits vouchers and invoices for accuracy and proper authorization and approves for payment.
• Assists in the coordination of the accounting function with all other areas of City government to include purchasing and asset review.
• Confers with and advises City officials, department directors and others in proper procedure regarding financial matters of the City (e.g., preparation of operating budgets).
• Checks and audits ledger accounts for accuracy, procedural and systems compliance; assists in the preparation of financial statements, summaries, and reports.
• Trains and develops department personnel; determines and prescribes work methods, procedures, and policies; assigns, supervises, and reviews the work of department employees.
• Conducts year-end audit of all funds as well as federal and state grant audits.
• Supervises the posting of transactions; reconciles bank statements and prepares reports.
• Coordinates debt issuance.
• Oversees the issuance of City checks for payment of liabilities and verifies expenditures.
• Plans, coordinates, and prepares for annual financial audits performed by contractors.
• Assists City Manager with Capital Improvement Plan, including collection of data and presentation.
• Prepares and presents quarterly financial statements to the city council.
• Follows safe work practices.
• Performs related duties as assigned.
Graduation from and accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, finance or a closely related field, and at least 7 years of experience in governmental finance and accounting, including several years of supervisory experience.
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Tammy Nickell
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410 Adams
PO Box 842
Seward, Alaska 99664
United States
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(907) 224-4074