Finance Director


City and Borough of Wrangell






Exempt; salary


The position is "open until filled"



The Finance Director is responsible for overseeing accounting operations, preparing for the annual audit, maintaining, and integrating accounting systems, preparation and maintenance of the annual budget and implements and monitors internal controls governing business transactions


Establishes annual departmental goals, objectives, and priorities. Directs, trains, and supervises the performance of subordinate work sections, ensuring adequate levels of service to other departments.
Assures protection of assets by developing and directing administration of internal accounting policies, controls, and procedures for accounting operations that include but are not limited to, revenues and reimbursements, expense budgets, accounts receivable, contracts and accounts payable, payroll, investments, grants, and special funds.
Directs and prepares periodic reports that compare performance with plans, budgets, and standards. Interprets financial and statistical results. Provides sites and departments with periodic financial management information reports, highlighting variances from plan.
Forecasts short-range cash requirements and obligations, as a basis for maintaining adequate funds.
Prepares the annual budget development calendar and instructions. Projects revenues and expenditures. Prepares preliminary and final budget summaries for general and special funds. Develops systems for, and implements financial controls for budgets.
Executes cash disbursements for payment of expenditures of accounts payable, debt, and payroll in accordance with disbursement and accounting policies.
Directs fixed asset accounting. Maintains up-to-date accounting of fixed asset account balances. Oversees determination of depreciation rates. Monitors inventory levels,
Finance Director Rev: 04-09-2024
receives verification after physical inventories are completed, compares book versus actual inventory, and advises others on variances.
 Directs and participates in the closing of financial records to prepare trial balance financial summary statements. Oversees preparation of accounting entries to close accounts, allocation of accounting adjustments, and consolidation to summaries. Prepares final financial statements and performance reports for City and assigned external agencies and special funds.
 Continually reviews accounting systems for appropriate information, accuracy, and controls. Assures that accounting systems comply with appropriate regulations and data transfer requirements.
 Directs and performs the City’s public financing, investment and cash management programs. Proposes capital financing and investment guidelines and alternatives. Ensures compliance of financing and investment activities with policy requirements.
 Monitors capital markets and works with bond agencies, investment banking firms, bond insurers, and others connected with issue of revenue bonds or debt borrowings. Monitors the interest rate market to remain alert for refunding opportunities.
 Maintains up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations governing public agency and capital financing strategies.
 Prepares all grant reports as required by granting agencies and assures that all grant agency requirements are met in the administration of grant funds. Maintains grant folders in a manner that allows auditors easy access to grant documents.
Purchasing, Contracts, Human Resources, and Other Administrative Duties
 Directs a program for centralized review and analysis of insurance, purchases and contracts-for-service, and leases for adequacy and to reduce the financial risk of on-going operations, reduce costs, and minimize loss exposure.
 Researches, develops, and implements citywide policies, language, provisions, and procedural controls governing contracts for goods and services. Develops internal procedures for monitoring contractual performance.
 Coordinates and administers the City’s insurance coverage for liability, loss recovery, property and asset damage, health and welfare, and other forms of loss prevention.
 Analyzes risk-and-return for decisions on the amount of coverage and self-funded versus third party insurance. Establishes special funds for self-insured claims. Purchases insurance coverage. Negotiates terms and cost of coverage.
 Serves as the City point-of-contact for all insurance and claim matters. Directs, coordinates and/or investigates claims. Works with external adjusters, investigators, and internal safety professionals to adjudicate claims.
 Performs all aspects as the Human Resources Manager including grievances, union negotiations, employee performance standards, disciplinary procedures, employee recognition, employee recruitment and retention, employee continuity planning, and employee development.
 Maintains/updates the personnel regulations
Finance Director Rev: 04-09-2024
 Manages Borough wide-training and certification requirements
 Organizes and directs activities connected with employment, recruitment, and candidate selection processes. Assures compliance with recruitment policies and procedures.
 Serves as advisor to management and staff on matters such as performance management, skill development, general morale, and other employee relations matters. Evaluates human relations and work related problems, recommending the most effective solutions.
 Communicates salary and benefit programs to employees. Ensures that employees get timely service on benefits matters.
 Conducts complex and sensitive administrative, operational and management analyses, studies, and researches projects including those involving City-wide issues, programs, policies and procedures; selects, adapts, and applies appropriate research and statistical techniques; gathers and analyzes data and information from various internal and external sources on a variety of assigned and specialized projects and topics. Studies problems and processes and makes recommendations to the Borough Manager including suggested changes in organization/management of City government and in types of service provided to City residents as needed.
 Aids Department Directors in matters assigned by the Borough Manager
 Attends and assists or represents the Borough Manager and Borough at meetings when requested.
 Performs other duties as assigned by the Borough Manager that support the overall objective of the position and organization.


Requires advanced-specialized professional knowledge of the theory, principles, and procedures of accounting, auditing and financial management for governmental agencies. Requires in-depth knowledge of the principles and procedures used in budget preparation, accounting administration, and development of internal control. Requires professional knowledge of the principles and techniques used in public financing, investing, financial analysis, and research. Requires in-depth knowledge of the company’s accounting data entry and storage systems. Requires in-depth knowledge of the external audit process. Requires considerable knowledge of the laws and regulations governing financial transactions. Requires a working knowledge of insurance and insurability including risk-and-return analysis. Requires a working knowledge of centralized purchasing and material management functions. Requires advanced math skills to perform an array of business and statistical calculations. Requires well-developed skill with personal computer software sufficient to design and use spreadsheet and database models. Requires well-developed language skills to prepare business plans and complex reports seen by the public. Requires well-developed human relations skills sufficient to carry out negotiations, make formal presentations, conduct performance reviews, and communicate technical concepts to diverse audiences.


This positions’ full job description and employment application can be found online at Employment is based on a successful background check and pre-employment drug screening.

Applications and job descriptions may be obtained and returned to Rob Marshall at City Hall, 205 Brueger Street (P.O. Box 531), Wrangell, AK 99929 or via email at